Laying the Foundation

While the world debated over the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 and its detrimental effect on the economy, two like-minded and determined individuals quietly laid the foundation of a marine based project in Odisha that would not only boost the economy, but also provide a means of livelihood to hundreds of people below the poverty line.

And thus was born Falcon Marine Exports Private Limited by the concerted efforts of Mr Tara Ranjan Patnaik and Mr Prava Ranjan Patnaik. Since its modest beginnings in 1986 with a small investment of 3.5 Cr, the company has slowly progressed to become the largest Indian exporter of frozen and fresh shrimps with a turnover of 1500 Cr. It has also become the only State Government recognised network for seafood production and distribution today.

Our operational activities are supported by an extensive procurement network consisting of 5000 contract farms and 5 automated processing plants in Odisha and West Bengal. Despite the demand of foreign authorities for anti-dumping duty from all India based exporters, Falcon Marine Exports Limited has experienced dynamic growth which is reflected in its large client base of more than 100 buyers.

The company has been equally successful in diversified business verticals such as Aquaculture, Real Estate, Steel, and Education with the group turnover of 2000 Cr making it the largest conglomerate in the state of Odisha. Falcon has a vision and sustainable growth strategy in place to achieve a group turnover of 3000 Cr by 2020.