Rapid production process, increased shrimp volume per unit area and higher profitability is what we aim to achieve through our state-of-the-art 158 Ha of own aquaculture farms and 5000+ contract farms arrangement. To start with we use right nutritional programs and unified culture system that guarantees the highest biomass in harvesting process. We aim to add 437 Ha of aquaculture farms in the coming years.

Our customized feeding facilities are top notch and meet the economic and technical goals of our plant. We use high quality feed that helps improve the overall health of shrimp and ensure maximum possible shrimp weight within a short period. We provide reliable, time-bound services.

Brands with Standards

With many years of business expertise, we offer only the best shrimp brands to our customers worldwide. Our aquaculture professionals never compromise on the quality and customer satisfaction at any level.


Sustainability is what we value the most at Falcon, which is why we heavily invest in research and development programs to innovate unique aquaculture solutions. This helps us streamline our production processes, while protecting the natural sources and environment.

High-performance feeds

Using ongoing research and vigilant sourcing process, we make sure our shrimp feeds have consistent physical properties and right nutritional content. Our professionals are well-trained and have in-depth knowledge of shrimp’s nutritional requirements. We have also been able to use functional feeds productively, which helps shrimps to go through challenging processes of the production cycle smoothly.