Starting in the year April 2017, We are one of the lead producers of shrimp feeds in India. To keep up with the production needs, we have adaptable feed unit to manufacture shrimp feeds, which are at par with international standards. We use modern technology to produce suitable feed pellets for vannamei culture that can sustain its form and nutritional content under water from 3 to 4 hours. Our state-of-the-art feed production unit uses internationally renowned Buhler machinery.

Shrimps require a wide range of nutrients in the feeds to grow; some may have a less quantity input in the feeds. However, for the better and sustainable growth of shrimp with better productivity, a balanced feed is necessary to carry on the necessary nutrients. Our crew in the feed unit is specially trained to provide balanced feed that can fulfill the entire daily nutrient requirements of vannamei species. The quality and formulation team in the unit put their maximum effort to assure best quality for each feed pellet. Our balanced feed named “falcon fresh” rule out nutrition wastage, thereby maximizing production at a reasonable cost.

Major Goal of Feed Plant

  • Use best quality raw material
  • Multi leveled In process quality control
  • Safe material packing, storage and transfer to farm

Quality Assurance of Feed

  • Maintain appropriate feed size
  • Maintain odor, fineness and temperature of the end product
  • Maintain Feed water stability, hardness/palatability
  • Maintain Moisture, Protein, Fat, energy as per the nutrient requirement of shrimp species for better growth

Advantages of “Falcon Fresh”, a premium vannamei feed

  • Latest Pelleting technology
  • Stringent quality control at every vital stages
  • Maintain Feed water stability, hardness/palatability
  • Proven formulation suitable for local culture conditions
  • Selecting best quality ingredients
  • Fortified with requisite vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent water stability
  • Effective natural attractants
  • No antibiotics- no artificial binders
  • Ensuring easy digestibility and better survival

Our current in-house requirement of shrimp feed is 35,000MT and the number is growing rapidly every year. To cater to the increasing demand, Falcon has put up a 72,000 MTPA captive shrimp feed unit in Jaymangalpur, Odisha to meet the domestic requirement and availing fresh feed within a shorter transit period. Plans are also underway to put up two more feed units at Gujarat.

Feed Products

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