At Falcon, shrimps begin their lives in our modern hatcheries. Our hatcheries include more than 25 acres of nursery ponds with a capacity of 2 bn. seeds p.a. that offer best kind of shrimps found in the industry. Seeds consistent with particular growth aspects are chosen under careful supervision and then taken to nursery ponds to promote further growth in a controlled environment. Mature seeds are then collected from the ponds and placed in hatcheries, along with salt blended water set to a particular temperature, in order to promote healthy larvae.

We have also grown our own phyto-plankton to ensure continuous availability of food during the growth process of shrimp larvae. Additionally, we have trained our professionals to use only the broodstock that is best, filled with matured eggs and completely free from viruses.

Falcon has productively teamed up with suppliers, farmers, in-house hatchery and hatcheries across the country in vertical succession. This has helped us guarantee adherence to food safety standards in every process and stage of production and deliver the finest quality of shrimp to our customers. Our hatchery supports workplace safety, healthy living and economic growth of farmers and the region where we operate.