Processing Plant

Falcon Marine Exports has always taken steps towards achieving its dream of becoming the finest shrimp plant facility in India. With its modern processing capability, up-to-date storage facility and latest freezing conveniences, the company is on its way to becoming completely self-integrated.

Additionally, utmost care is taken at Falcon Marine Exports when it comes to the features of bio-security. Each of our plant facility is resistant to bio- contamination, bacteria build up and fungi infection. Fences are installed around the plant to keep the animals and birds away. There are proper stipulations for hygiene control and disinfection of the workers. All-around care is taken to eliminate the chances of cross contamination in the facility.

Obtaining premium fresh raw material - We collect only the best raw material and transfer it to our processing facility with utmost care and perfection.

Adequate Refrigerated Vehicles - Our plant facility has insulated and refrigerated vehicles of several sizes, using which we carry the raw material to any place without dropping a sweat.

Procuring Centers - We have many procuring centers that can accelerate the collection of raw material according to the demand of the processing facility.

Faster production - Using our industry leading technology and best-in-class equipment, we hasten the procedures of our processing facility, to yield more in less time.

Volume processing - We procure a large amount of raw material and our processing facilities are capable of handling large volume, which helps us to offer products at the most competitive price points.

Location of Plants

The company has 5 plants spread over the coastal states of Eastern India – Odisha and West Bengal.

Balasore, Odisha

The 5th processing plant of Falcon Marine Exports has come up at Balasore. It is the largest IQF processing utility of Falcon. Its details are as follows:

  • 29 MT/day IQF and 14 MT/day plate freezer capacity
  • 4000 MT cold storage capacity
  • Processing unit for Fresh Packed Shrimps

Supply chain majors of US and Europe evinced interest in the operational finesse of the Falcon group and are now associated with the company.

Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – Our Technological Pride
  • The state of the art pre-fabricated steel structure processing plant at Patia is one of the most advanced processing plants in South East Asia with individual quick freezing (IQF) facility.
  • The cold storage facility attached to the plant boasts of a capacity of 2200 MT.
  • This plant has obtained accreditation from major international agencies of the EU, American and other Latin American countries for quality control.
Kharibari, 24 Parganas, West Bengal

The plant at Kolkata has been built with modern technology and is well equipped to meet the needs for scalability that growth gradually demands. The details of the plant are as follows

  • Plate freezer capacity: 10 MT
  • Blast freezer capacity: 8MT
  • IQF raw: 500 kg per hour
  • IQF cooking: 600 kg per hour
  • Cold storage capacity: 300MT
Paradeep, Odisha

Paradeep being one of the largest marine catchment area, the location augurs well for timely processing of seafood. Built and operated with modern technology, the plant at Paradeep is one of the first few EU plants in India adhering to strict quality control measures of HACCP and USFDA. The details of the plant are as follows

  • Plate freezer capacity: 11.5 MT
  • Blast freezer capacity: 10.5 MT
  • Cold storage capacity: 230 MT
Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Along with Paradeep plant, Mancheswar plant is also one of the first few EU plants in India adhering to strict quality control measure of HACCP and USFDA. The details of the plant are as follows

  • Plate freezer capacity: 15 MT
  • Cold storage capacity: 130 MT

Sea Food Processing

Falcon has been the leading seafood exporter of India for the last 2 decades. Over the years we have established our credentials as an organization dedicated to excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. The shrimps that are marketed under our own brand have firmly captured the international market, contributing 45% of total exports from the country. Apart from exports, we are also the key supplier in local market providing seafood to local restaurants through our Falcon-Chilika Fresh retail outlets.

We have put up processing units all along the eastern coastline of India and our modern 120 MT/day facilities ensure continuous delivery of products throughout the year. Our processing units are equipped with in-house cold chain and logistics facilities that help us streamline the supply process. We export about 15,000 MT frozen shrimps in a year.

Our in-house, well-trained biologist ensures safety and quality of the products using microbiological analysis facility. We have a highly experienced and competent quality control team that guarantees compliance to specifications set by our customers at each stage of production, processing and packaging.

Falcon believes in maintaining highest quality standard in all its seafood products adhering to newest local and international guidelines. Our products comply with all the mandatory international food safety standards. HACCP, ASC, ISO, BRC and BAP are our principal food safety standards. We supply seafood to USA, European unions and other countries of the world.

Processing Facility

Falcon Marine Exports is committed to meeting customers’ expectations and requirements by using standard sanitation operating procedure and best-in-class manufacturing practices. Our skilled, experienced and highly qualified staff process the raw material adhering to stringent hygiene parameters. The facility is constantly monitored and backed up by quality control professionals to guarantee high quality products and to lessen the risk of contamination caused by microbiological elements.

Using cutting–edge equipment, ultra-modern logistic solution and state-of-the-art storage facilities, our shrimp processing unit is able to ensure quick turnaround time and timely delivery. Our processing unit operates in compliance with stringent global quality standards, such as: HACCP, USFDA, EU, BAP AND FSSAI. We produce shrimps in different form and distribute in many quality conscious markets, such as: USA, Europe, Japan and in many other countries.

At Falcon Marine Exports, we maintain the following to ensure our products meet international quality standards.

  • Evaluation and exacting test of the quality of raw material
  • Experienced and qualified team on board
  • Apposite storage facilities
  • Outstanding handling and packing conveniences
  • Sufficient traceability system
  • Testing and monitoring at every stage to get quality finished products
  • Continuous interaction with crews to improve performance at the facility

Falcon Marine Exports encourages comprehensive testing in its in-house lab, where raw material is constantly tested to perceive the presence of antibiotics and micro-organisms, ensuring that the end product is absolutely free of contaminating agents.

Our motto has been straight and simple from the very beginning - to maintain quality from transportation of shrimps to the facility, to export of the end product. Our avant-garde equipment helps us track the product from processing to export.