Falcon is setting up retail outlets across Odisha to cater to the increasing demand for seafood and increase its brand visibility. The company has entered into an agreement with the Govt of Odisha to set up seafood retail outlets branded as ‘Falcon-Chilika Fresh’. 12 such outlets at prime locations in Bhubaneswar have already been launched and 14 more will be launched in the next few months. This will go up to 150 in the next 2 years. Additionally, the company also has plans to open a distribution center in the USA, along with being the chief vendor for a large retailer.

Emphasizing on quality, freshness, strict quality control, we ensure that at Falcon-Chilka Fresh, no preservatives, additives or other chemicals are acceptable. For added convenience, we use industry grade packaging system, so that your purchases stay in good condition for longer period of time. Staffs at our retail outlets are fully trained and have extensive knowledge of seafood products.

Our retail chain aims to offer a vast selection of fresh seafood with no chemical in sight. Our seafood will be sourced daily, so that we can provide fresh products from the hatchery directly to your kitchen only with a concise stop at our retail counter. Further, the company plans to have a section for seasonal seafood options at all Falcon-Chilika Fresh outlets. We will also provide wholesale seafood to local restaurants and hotels.