Form The Best Farm

As pioneers of the Indian aquaculture Industry, Falcon Marine Exports has developed ponds for several kinds of shrimp farming and is following the most modern farming techniques that include: feeding cycles, pond preparation, use of probiotics, water management and harvesting methods.

Pond systematization, overhauling & disinfection

At Falcon Marine Exports, we believe in “quality farming practices” that result in best yields. To lessen the possibility of pathogen or toxic metabolites from being passed on to the successive cycle, we bring pond reconditioning in to play, thereby contributing to sustainable aquaculture yields.

Seed stocking and Seed selection

Post larvae stage is the most important time for seed selection. This process requires a microscope as identification of analytical parts is tough without eye gears. Small eye piece glass are used for efficient observation

Effective feeding management

For effective feed management, feed distribution is an important aspect. Falcon Marine Exports prides itself on having the most advanced formula to minimize feed losses, with better FCR, thereby ensuring standard distribution all over the eco-system.

Shrimps’ mobility is slow and they are slow eaters. For that reason, it is essential to keep the feed in close proximity with the shrimps feeding habit. Several practices are therefore followed for effective feed application.

  • Automatic feeding
  • Boat feeding
  • Centre Feeding
  • Bund feeding

Feeding Facts

  • Aerators are stopped when feed is applied
  • Punctuality is practiced when it comes to feeding time
  • Feeding is strictly prohibited if any kind of chemical solution has been applied to the pond
  • Calculated quantity of feed is offered with a check tray during the time of feeding
  • We are strictly following feeding programme as per feeding chart and keep constant observations on shrimp growth

Our state-of-the art facility further ensures shrimps are thoroughly checked for all kinds of diseases. Proper quality checks are also done to make sure our customers only get the best aqua culture product. We have a fully functional lab where we test the samples collected prior to harvesting and make certain that shrimps are free from pathogen and metabolites.