Raw shrimps are procured from farms set along the coasts of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. After processing, these shrimps are exported to the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and other countries in the Gulf and Europe. The company strictly adheres to quality control norms of HACCP and USFDA that are mandatory for export.

Keeping pace with technological changes and shift in consumer behavior, Falcon now has a value-added product-mix that includes IQF, Cooked, Peeled Shrimps, Salad shrimps and more, in addition to its traditional lineup of raw and blanched shrimps.

Whole Shrimp

Looking for a seafood dish that's sure to impress?
Look no further than our head-on whole shrimp! These succulent shrimps are perfect for any special occasion.
  • Head-on shrimp are sure to impress your guests
  • Succulent and juicy, our shrimp are perfect for any special occasion
  • Our shrimp are caught fresh and frozen within hours to preserve their flavour

Headless Shrimp

Do you love shrimp but hate the hassle of removing the head?
Introducing headless shrimp, the perfect seafood solution for those who want all the flavor and none of the fuss. Our shrimp are caught fresh and then de-headed for your convenience. Plus, they're perfect for any recipe - just throw them in and enjoy!

Headless shrimp features:
  • No more removing shrimp heads!
  • Fresh, delicious seafood flavor
  • Perfect for any recipe

Easy Peel Shrimp

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Peeled Un-Deveined Shrimp

Have you ever had a dish that was so good, you just couldn't get enough?
Well, that's exactly what you can expect with our peeled un-deveined shrimp. Each and every shrimp is perfectly cooked, juicy, and full of flavor. And, our shrimp are perfect for any dish - whether you're looking to add a bit of protein to your salad or you're wanting to create a masterpiece seafood dish, our shrimp will not disappoint.

Here's what you can expect with our peeled un-deveined shrimp:
  • Perfectly cooked shrimp that are juicy and full of flavor
  • Versatile shrimp that can be used in a variety of dishes
  • A healthy protein option that is low in calories and fat

Peeled Deveined Tail On Shrimp IQF

Do you love shrimp but hate the hassle of peeling and deveining them?
If so, this product is for you! Our peeled and deveined shrimp are individually quick frozen, so you can enjoy them anytime, without any of the work. Plus, they're a healthy and delicious option for any meal. Here are just a few of the many reasons to love our peeled and deveined shrimp:
  • They're quick and easy to prepare
  • They're a healthy source of protein
  • They're deliciously versatile

Peeled Deveined Shrimp

Have you ever had shrimp that's so fresh and succulent, it melts in your mouth?
Our peeled deveined shrimp are just that. Sourced from the pristine waters of india, our shrimp are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Plus, they're already peeled and deveined, so all you have to do is enjoy!
  • Fresh Indian shrimp
  • Peeled and deveined
  • Perfect for any seafood dish

Shrimp Butterfly Cut

How would you like your shrimp prepared?
If you're looking for something a little different, try our shrimp butterfly cut. Perfect for grilling or frying, these shrimp will be sure to impress. Here's what you can expect:
  • Shrimp that have been carefully butterfly cut, making them easy to cook
  • A juicy, succulent texture that is sure to satisfy
  • A mild shrimp flavor that lets the natural taste of the seafood shine through

Shrimp Skewer

Looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy shrimp?
Our skewer shrimp are perfect for a quick and delicious meal.Just add your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!
  • Perfect for a quick and easy meal
  • Ideal for entertaining
  • Great for a healthy appetizer or main dish

Shrimp Rings

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Our brands

As an organisation, we have several sub brands which cater to specific needs. Each brand has a focused target audience and addresses specific geographic locations around the world. The success of these brands have helped us grow and prosper as an organisation.

  • It is a brand which is dedicated to
    marine catches and is exported
    around the world.

  • This brand specially caters to the Japanese market where quality standards are different from the US.

  • The brand serves a specific customer base in the US market and is known for its prime quality.

  • It is a well-established name in the US and EU market, recognised for its consistent quality and regular availability.
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