Quality Control

At Falcon Marine Exports, quality control is at par with global standards and covers shrimp manufacturing as well as processing units. We have sourced refined laboratory equipments from the world’s leading manufacturers to outfit our units with an independent quality control department.

Different quality checks are taken into consideration for each step of processing. Our feed mill laboratory follows ISO 22000 Food safety guidelines and has facilities for performing physical and chemical evaluation of the nutritional factors of raw materials, materials that are packed, in storage, in process and end products. We have employed skilled chemists who have undergone rigorous training procedures to handle the quality control infrastructure.

To make sure that quality is maintained for the entire batch of products produced, we follow strict in-process monitoring practices. We identify the solutions that are innovative for maintaining the quality and the same is implemented for efficient quality assurance procedure.

Falcon Marine Exports Quality control lab is attributed with several certifications:

  • Haccp certified
  • BAP
  • ISO 22000 Food safety
  • BRC
  • IFS

Our processing plant follows several food guidelines to ensure freshest shrimps are provided to customers by evaluating the quality, performing antibiotic test, microbiological tests, water and ice quality test and other tests as well.

Our Quality Control Program at a glance

  • Experienced, certified and qualified chemists and technologist on board.
  • We maintain the highest standard of bio-security and personal hygiene in our processing plant.
  • Our shipment has never been rejected in quality tests.
  • Raw material and finished goods are thoroughly evaluated.
  • Monitoring and testing are done at each stage of product processing.
  • To prevent storage wear and tear, regular audit is done.
  • From raw material to shrimps on place, same quality is maintained.
  • Stringent transportation norms are followed for efficient handling and on-time delivery.
  • We have a world class in-house lab facility which can conduct both microbiological and antibiotic analysis of products (Raw material, On-line production & Finished Product).
  • We also do microbiological analysis of Water/Ice which we use during production.
  • Our trained quality assurance team ensures that all our products are in conformance with buyer and international seafood specifications.